A tool designed to enhance productivity for institutional sales teams by providing a streamlined approach to territory management within the Salesforce platform. This application enables sales representatives to effectively organize and prioritize their efforts, resulting in improved efficiency and increased success in their roles. 

My Role

As a UX Research and Designer, I played a crucial role in the development of the Salesforce enhancement project by conducting in-depth interviews with members of the sales team to understand their daily workflows and challenges. Based on these insights, I was responsible for designing intuitive and user-friendly interfaces to improve the functionality and usability of the Salesforce platform for the sales team. 

Project Summary

Fidelity Institutional Sales leverages the Salesforce platform to manage territories and evaluate leads. However, the team identified the need for a more customized solution within Salesforce to better meet their unique requirements. As the UX design and researcher, I was tasked with identifying and implementing a customized solution within Salesforce to address the limitations of the out-of-the-box functionality and ensure the team had the tools they needed to succeed.

The Challenge

Fidelity Institutional Sales encountered a significant challenge in effectively managing territories within the Salesforce platform. The existing out-of-the-box solution did not meet the needs of the team, leading to the adoption of various ad hoc solutions, including sticky notes, Excel files, and whiteboards, to track data and organize their work. This lack of a cohesive and efficient system resulted in frustration among team members and impaired their productivity.

To address this issue, Fidelity sought a solution that would streamline territory management within Salesforce and enhance user satisfaction with the platform. The implementation of a customized solution within Salesforce was necessary to meet the unique requirements of the team and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their workflows. This solution would allow the team to fully leverage the capabilities of the Salesforce platform and maximize their success in their roles.

Salesforce is a popular and feature-rich platform, but it may not always meet the unique needs of every organization. In the case of the Fidelity Sales Team, customization was necessary to fully leverage the platform and optimize its usefulness for the team. A more creative solution was required to address their unique challenges and requirements.


During the course of conducting interviews with the sales team at Fidelity Institutional Sales, it became apparent that the team required a more comprehensive and functional solution for territory management within the Salesforce platform. The existing tools were inadequate and impaired the team's productivity.

In response to this challenge, I proposed the creation of a full-featured spreadsheet within Salesforce, featuring filters and a search function. This solution would allow the team to easily access and manage their territory data within the Salesforce platform, resulting in improved efficiency and effectiveness in their workflows.

In addition, I identified a need for enhanced accuracy and timeliness in lead ratings. The team members frequently had first-hand knowledge of customer interests and preferences through one-on-one conversations, but this information was not being reflected in the lead ratings. By enabling team members to rate leads themselves, we could ensure that the ratings were more accurate and up-to-date. This would enable the team to prioritize their outreach efforts and avoid contacting customers with products they had previously indicated they were not interested in. These enhancements would significantly contribute to the team's success in their roles.

In addition to identifying and proposing these solutions, I was also responsible for designing the wireframes and screen designs for the project. Through a collaborative process involving iterative design and consultation with the sales team and developers, I was able to deliver a solution that met the needs of the team and ensured the success of the project.


As a designer, I played a key role in the development of a customized solution for territory management within the Salesforce platform at Fidelity Institutional Sales. My design work, which included the creation of wireframes and screen designs, was instrumental in the development and implementation of the solution by our development team.

 The solution has been enthusiastically adopted by the sales team, who have reported significant improvements in their performance and goal attainment as a result. Additionally, the team has provided valuable feedback and ideas for further enhancements to the territory management tool, which we are currently working on incorporating.

 Overall, the successful implementation of this solution has had a positive impact on the team's efficiency and effectiveness, and my design contributions were crucial in achieving this outcome. We are committed to continuing to support the team's success through ongoing improvements and updates to the tool.

The Fidelity Sales Team has seen improved adoption and effectiveness of the Salesforce platform for territory management as a result of customization efforts. The customized solution has had a positive impact on the team's workflows and goal attainment, leading to increased success in their roles.