5. What should I consider before choosing coverage?

Give some thought to these questions before you enroll in your benefits:

  • How much health care — and what type of care — did you and your dependents need in 2015?
  • Will your needs be similar in 2016? Do you foresee changes?
  • How do you prefer to handle costs? For instance, would you rather pay extra from your paycheck for a medical plan that covers more of your costs when you need care, or pay as little as possible from your paycheck — even if that means bigger bills when you need care?
  • How much freedom and flexibility do you need or want when it comes to choosing physicians and hospitals?
  • How much life insurance and disability insurance do you need to feel comfortable and well protected?
  • Do you have any other coverage available to you or your family members (for example, through your spouse’s or domestic partner’s employer?)